About Us

About Us

Apartment Kathmandu is finding houses for expats since may 2011.

As landlords we've heard many stories of expats who found it hard to find suitable houses or apartments for rent in the Kathmandu Valley. They didn't like dealing with the (partly former) oral system of finding a house or were misunderstood by brokers / agents.

The website to rent out our apartment generated a lot of enquiries and since we had to turn down and disappoint many expats we decided to help them and rent out houses of friends. Soon also those houses became occupied after which we decided to start a house finding service for expats.

Apartment Kathmandu wants to be transparent and easy to understand for expats. We listen to the needs of our customers and only show homes that match our client profiles.

For landlords we are a plus because we understand what Expats are looking for. We can help you to make your house much more attractive with just a few minor changes.