Expat Home Rentals Apartment Kathmandu in Nepal


Apartment Kathmandu is a registered expat rental company managed by Roma Subba and Sangeeta Shrestha. We are two internationally experienced Real Estate Advisers that provide quality services to expats, diplomats & NRN's. As a Property Adviser, we advise Property Owners, the requirement of expats and assist them in making the quality rental properties.

All Property Advisers involved in Apartment Kathmandu have International Real Estate Work Experience and have been dealing with Expats and Diplomats locally and internationally. Apartment Kathmandu not only matches the needs for suitable expat homes, but also assist with the negotiation of the terms & conditions, rental price plus we make sure that you get what you agreed with your landlord. Apartment Kathmandu will be a mediator for conflicts during the whole duration of contract. From first contact with us until you are moving to your next destination or house we communicate with you in a clear, transparent and easy to understand way.

Thank You.

Roma & Sangeeta