Apartment Kathmandu offers several services for Expats, Diplomats. Expat employers, Embassies and people who do business with expats. Our services are designed to save costs, time and frustration for our clients. Currently Apartment Kathmandu has services for:

Services for Expats & Diplomats

Quality home finding services for expats & diplomats

Our house finding services start with an intake email or conversation after which apartment Kathmandu translates the wishes & needs of our clients into a well organised and planned house viewing proposal.


Based on the feedback of our proposal we make a final house viewing plan and then take our clients to view the selected houses or apartments. These house viewings are free expect that our clients need to arange transport. 


When the client likes a property Apartment Kathmandu assists with negotiating and setting up the contract..

We make sure that the agreed terms & conditions from the contract are delivered by your landlord.During the whole period of the contract we are a mediator if conflicts arise between you and your landlord.Optional is our unique in our service, to be your single point of contact for everything that can go wrong in your apartment.

This service is charged for the amazing price of only 1 npr per square feet per month

Car Rental

To own a car in Kathmandu can be very expensive. Those expats or diplomats that only want a car during weekends or holidays can now rent a car vai .Apartment Kathmandu. We offer car rentals with or without driver. Unique abour our cars is that you rent them from private owners and therefor against a much lower price than at a car rental company. Read more about our car rental services.

Expat Taxes

Especially for american citizens we have information and or can help together with an American tax company to get a refund of the taxes that United States citizens are obligated to pay in their home country. Read more about  expat taxes in Nepal .

Services for Home and Property owners

One of the main services of apartment kathmandu is to rent out properties to expats. Apartment Kathmandu can help owners of properties to find new tennants fast and to keep them happy. Read more about our  real estate services for property owners.

Furnishing & Installing equipment

Apartment Kathmandu helps owners or organisations with furnishing their apartments or offices. We negotiate with supliers, get samples and make sure that everything is installed and or placed according to our high standards. for more information please call 984 994 7966.

Organising Workshops / Meetings

Apartment Kathmandu can help your organisation with organising workshops or meetings in great locations in or outside the Kathmandu Valley. On top floors of the most exclusive apartment towers, the best hotels or restaurants, or other locations, all with top service and competitive prices for more information please call 984 994 7966.